WOSHUP camping “washing set”.

WOSHUP camping “washing set”.

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WOSHUP camping “washing set”.


Similar to the house and garden, campers also need a proper wash . Our beloved camper wants to set off into the sun shiny and properly scrubbed and we have thought of a small product bundle for this purpose.

Order once, have everything there and all of it with a touch of sustainability. These products from our Woshup friends are so good that you will even have to clean less in the future. Great, right?

I have already worked with these Woshup items last season and can therefore wholeheartedly recommend them. Of course there are many items that can do the same thing, but the Woshup team simply manufactures in Germany, develops them themselves and is simply approachable. This is of considerable added value for me personally when selecting cooperation partners.


So what does the set contain?

Step 1: Cleaning/rinsing off loose dirt and sand etc.

Step 2: with our paint-friendly washing brush (1) you can easily reach all places, even at height. It is adjustable in length and you can easily attach the garden hose. With the Woshup All-In-One Camping Cleaner (2) you can mix the washing water very efficiently. In total, this concentrate easily produces 10 liters of water.

Step 3: Once the camper is thoroughly clean, rub it dry carefully with our microfiber cloth (3) . Nobody likes water stains.

Step 4: Rain streaks are often very stubborn to deal with Woshup Rain Strip Killer (4) will definitely get you under control.

Step 5: The All-in-One Cleaner already has a kind of sealing effect, but it really does something good for the paint with the WonderWosher (5) . Spray on, spread over the area and wipe dry. Zack has a great beading effect and the paint is wonderfully smooth.

Step 6: Clean windows. Inside and outside are understood and this is best done with the window wosher (6) and our glass cloth (7) . This makes it wonderfully streak-free and especially on the plastic windows.


The wonderful camper is finished and ready for its new use. Personally, I'm most happy about clean water that rolls off when it unfortunately rains.


As a thank you from us and because you certainly did a great job, we're giving you a bottle of Woshup ShitStorm (8) Toilet fluid with a bubblegum scent included. Here, too, I can report positively about this stuff from my own experience. From camper for camper!



The entire set has a retail value of €135.95.

Von Campern für Camper

ist nicht nur ein Slogan, sondern unsere Philosophie. Wir verstehen die Bedürfnisse und Leidenschaften der Camping-Community, weil wir selbst leidenschaftliche Camper sind. Jedes Produkt in unserem Sortiment wurde mit dem Blick eines Campers entworfen und hergestellt, um dir das bestmögliche Outdoor-Erlebnis zu bieten.

Hochwertige Materialien

Bei uns legen wir Wert auf Qualität! Unsere Produkte bestehen aus sorgfältig ausgewählten, hochwertigen Materialien, die nicht nur langlebig, sondern auch umweltfreundlich sind. Verlass dich auf Produkte, die in Sachen Materialqualität keine Kompromisse eingehen - dein Komfort steht an erster Stelle.