Welcome to Campidoo!

The germ of our idea came about during a camping getaway when the challenge of finding a suitable campsite became a frustrating obstacle. Outdated images, incomplete information and lack of booking options made us realize that there was room for improvement - a higher level of service quality that existing platforms could not provide.

As passionate campers, we understood the needs of the community. But between family obligations, professional demands and ongoing projects, implementing this vision seemed impossible without an upfront investment from an investor.

Then the wave of the corona pandemic hit us, which complicated everything. As the owner of a renowned large format printing company for advertising signs and more, we found a way to redirect our production expertise to the camper community. We created products that not only motivated our employees, but also benefited the camping world.

What started as a creative distraction has evolved into Campidoo - a place where we want to bring joy to campers and improve the camping experience. Our focus is on shedding light on the details that other platforms lack: 360-degree footage, detailed site maps and insights into the camping world that go beyond just the operators' data.

Over the years we have grown into a dedicated team of six people, most of whom are enthusiastic campers ourselves. Our motto is: “From campers for campers”. With this approach, we have made camping an integral part of our lives, always in harmony with the most important thing – family.

The idea of ​​offering campers a more complete and enjoyable experience inspired us to explore new avenues. From developing our patented premium awning carpet to expanding our range, we strive to create innovative solutions for the camping community.

Our passion for camping life is reflected in every aspect of Campidoo. From personal contact at campsites to our social media channels, where we keep you up to date on our latest developments.

We cordially invite you to follow us on Instagram and immerse yourself in our world. Browse our pages and discover how we enrich the camper community and share our passion for camping with others.

Thank you for being here and helping us share our ideas and innovations. We look forward to getting to know you – maybe even on one of our next camping adventures!

With camper-friendly greetings,
The Campidoo team

The idea

The idea for Campidoo came about during a short camping holiday when the difficulties in booking campsites became clear. It was recognized that there was a gap in the camping community characterized by insufficient information and a lack of innovation.