LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base
LED touch lamp with bamboo base

LED touch lamp with bamboo base

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LED touch lamp with bamboo base

Discover the Ambiente table lamp with touch function for the ultimate camping experience! This rechargeable lamp can be easily powered via a USB cable, making it an extremely practical companion for on the go. With its dimmable function via touch, you can adjust the light intensity according to your wishes to create the perfect atmosphere.

The innovative touch control not only allows brightness adjustment, but also changing from cold to warm light color and vice versa. Whether you prefer a cozy evening atmosphere or bright light for your activities, this table lamp offers you the flexibility you need.

The Ambiente table lamp is equipped with the latest LED technology, which is not only energy efficient but also has an impressive service life. This means you can count on long-lasting brightness when you use this lamp on your camping trips.

The anti-slip base ensures that the lamp stays securely in place, even on uneven surfaces. So enjoy the benefits of this multifunctional table lamp, specially designed for outdoor use, without any worries.

Make your camping life easier and brighter with the Ambiente table lamp. Rechargeable via USB cable, dimmable via touch, change from cold to warm light color, LED technology and non-slip base - everything you need for atmospheric lighting in the open air!

Product information:

  • The base is made of certified FSC® bamboo
  • Material: recycled ABS plastic, recycled aluminum
  • Lamp dimensions: 24.1 x 11.9 cm
  • Lights up for approximately 18 hours on one charge
  • 1800mAh battery and Type-C input (5V/1A)

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