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Sticker "Camping"
Sticker "Camping"
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Sticker "Camping"
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Sticker "Camping"
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Sticker "Camping"

Sticker "Camping"

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Sticker "Camping"

Hey camper friends! Prepare to take your camping experience to the next level with our brand new Camping decal. This stylish statement sticker is perfect for anyone who would like to show off their love of travel and freedom on their caravan or motorhome.

The ultimate statement for your rolling home: With the "Camping" sticker you give your vehicle a personal touch that not only attracts attention, but also perfectly reflects your love for your favorite rolling place. Whether you regularly cruise along idyllic coastlines or are simply dreaming of your next camping adventure, this decal is just the right accessory for your rolling home.

High-quality materials for long-lasting joy: Our sticker is made of high-performance film and has a glossy surface that not only looks elegant but is also durable for up to 7 years. This means you'll enjoy this stylish statement for a long time, no matter how many adventures you have on the road.

Easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue: The cut film and self-adhesive backing make applying this sticker a breeze. No complicated handling - just peel it off, stick it on and stand up to the gaze of your admiring camping neighbors. And when it's time for a change? No problem! The sticker can be removed without leaving any marks or adhesive residue.

- cut foil
- simply self-adhesive
- Shiny surface
- made of high-performance film
- lasts up to 7 years
- can be removed without leaving any residue
- This sticker is cut from foil

The images displayed show photos into which your own designs have been mounted.
These are subject to our copyright.



Note on sticking:

Please make sure that the foil sticker is not too warm due to sunlight or too cold. Films become extremely elastic or stubborn/brittle.

Next, place the sticker with the back facing up on a table and squeegee or press it on again with your fingers. Now take the paper at one corner and slowly pull it flat, folded over 180°, so to speak, at an angle of 45°.

Now you should spray the sticker with water-washing solution (1 good drop in approx. 1l of water). This means you can now glue without bubbles. Leave the sticker for about 45-60 minutes until you can safely but easily remove the transparent material.

If you want to stick dry, just remove approx. 10cm of the paper and stick this part on. Then you squeegee and keep peeling the paper off the back a little further. Small bubbles will disappear on their own within the next few days (depending on the weather). You can carefully pierce large ones with a needle at a flat angle.

Handmade in Germany

Vertrau auf handgemachte Qualität aus Deutschland & Europa! Unsere Produkte werden mit Liebe und Sorgfalt hierzulande gefertigt, um höchsten Ansprüchen an Handwerkskunst und Langlebigkeit gerecht zu werden. Qualität, direkt aus unserer Werkstatt zu dir.

Hochwertige Materialien

Bei uns legen wir Wert auf Qualität! Unsere Produkte bestehen aus sorgfältig ausgewählten, hochwertigen Materialien, die nicht nur langlebig, sondern auch umweltfreundlich sind. Verlass dich auf Produkte, die in Sachen Materialqualität keine Kompromisse eingehen - dein Komfort steht an erster Stelle.