WIGO Rolli Plus Zelte – Was ist der Unterschied?

WIGO Rolli Plus tents – what’s the difference?

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Florian Regler

Gründer von Campidoo


Differences between the WIGO wheelchair models

The WIGO Rolli Plus models stand for comfort, speed and a modern feeling of living when camping. But how do the Ambiente , Panoramic, Modul & Lounge models differ from each other?

With the following lines I would like to try to convince you of the fantastic concept of the WIGO Rolli Plus models - I personally used the Ambiente, Panoramic and, in 2023, the lounge privately and don't want to be without them anymore! Here is my opinion:


The Ambiente model is the most popular entry-level model with a great price-performance ratio. It is very similar to the Panoramic - but it has suggested doors. Thanks to the opaque fabric, these help you to retreat into your awning and to be able to be something for yourself.


Here there are only window areas all around, the only difference to the ambience. A full panoramic view and the ability to create privacy where you need it using a curtain set.


The lounge is for everyone who likes it particularly comfortable and, above all, different . The latest version of the Rolli Plus models offers a new, innovative fabric, a different design and therefore more light. The most important highlight is the fly gauze. You can fully open one window on each side and 2-3 windows on the front (roll up the window film) and still be completely protected from insects. This ensures sufficient ventilation, especially in very summery temperatures . With the optional curtain set you can create privacy if you want.


Like the ambience, the module is a little cheaper, but is visually comparable to the lounge. The module is part of the Rebel Camper series and is therefore available in exciting designs: camouflage look , color moss or in white. As mentioned, visually identical to the model Lounge , but only the narrow windows are equipped with fly screens.

Short conclusion

WIGO Rolli Plus offers the right model for every need - whether Ambiente, Panoramic, Lounge or Modular - there is something for every taste! For individualists, a WIGO can always be equipped with a sun canopy, side extension, veranda functions and much more.

Finally, the question is why you should replace your beloved awning with a WIGO bag awning.

The facts are obvious: weight , flexibility and time savings.

Weight: Today's camper often drives an awning packed in 1-2 bags with an average weight of 30-50 kg and also has an awning on the roof for the warm weather. In total, this is around 80-100 kg, which must be deducted from the possible payload of the caravan . Yes, you can also load and transport the tent in the car - but someone has to get it out of the basement - and it weighs a lot there. Of course, we only pack the awning when we know that the weather won't be so great, but then around 50 kg of awning comes with us for free . Too bad chocolate!

A WIGO Rolli Plus consists of a roof and all side walls as well as aluminum rods. Weighs 52kg in the largest size. Here we are talking about size 15 with a circumference of 12.27 m! The good cut is size 7-9. There we move between 34 and 42 kg. That's less than half of the most common equipment duo (normal awning and roof-top awning).

The Side panels are always there , can be stowed under any bench and don't get in the way. The car remains free and so does the corridor in the caravan for overnight stays. Cool, right? For the newly acquired luggage capacity, the beloved partner can then treat themselves to a few new decorative items or clothes, or fishing, or toys, or an aquarium.

The other killer point , also for me personally: is the structure . The WIGO is up and running within a few minutes. Alone. Without sweating. Hands up if you like to sweat while setting up instead of enjoying your first drink.

Thanks to the modular design (roof and side walls), the roof stands within 2-3 minutes. The walls were drawn in just as quickly. If the weather is bad, you can easily tension the whole tent from the inside.

Have you ever pulled a 40 kg full-retraction air awning into the piping rail when it rained, alone? Yes? was cool? For two? Super, you were both wet. Great.

The quark then has to be pumped up and then this sticky dirt everywhere... Camping is great, you said.

That's why a WIGO Rolli Plus is perfect for us. If the weather is great, we just roll out the roof. If the weather changes, a side wall is quickly pulled in or the place is completely closed. We always have all the parts with us.

Oh well, what happens after suboptimal weather? RRRRECT. A wet awning! Are you up for it now? Not me!

Where do you dry a huge full retractable awning? Exactly, I don't know either. In any case, I hang the individual side wall elements one after the other on the clothes horse and enjoy life with so much simplicity.

In the end it's always the same. We want to spend as much time as possible on our weekend trips NOT setting up and taking down the tent. That's why WIGO is the perfect product for us as a family. Yes, the price is significant, but how much does an awning + awning cost together with the work and the circumstances that this combination entails?

It works out for us, thank you for reading.